When and Why You Need a Root Canal


Dentists use various procedures to treat different dental issues; the type of procedure used by a dentist depends on the type of dental issue. Our teeth comprise of the following three main layers:

  • Enamel - the outermost hard layer
  • Dentin - a softer layer beneath enamel
  • Center Pulp - contains sensitive nerves, blood vessels, and lymph tissues

When do you need a Root Canal?

A natural cavity present in the center of the tooth is termed as "Root Canal" in the dentist dictionary. All the sensitive nerves are present inside this natural cavity and it is because of these nerves that we feel the sensation of hot or cold. 

When there is an issue with the outermost layer (enamel or dentin), a filling or crown may be suggested by your dentist. However, when the injury or decay extends beyond these outer layers, the dentist may have to go for a root canal treatment.

Since root canal involves the treatment of very sensitive nerves present in the root of the teeth, it is considered as the most notorious procedure in endodontic. It is therefore always a good idea to look for the best Bangkok dental that is well-experienced in performing a root canal procedure. During the root canal procedure, your dentist will remove the nerve and the pulp and will also clean the inside of your tooth before sealing it.

Why do you need a Root Canal?

When the nerve tissue or the pulp of the tooth is damaged, the bacteria start to grow and multiply in this natural chamber. If left unattended, these bacteria can cause severe infection which can spread past the ends of the roots of the teeth. Under acute conditions, this swelling may spread to other areas of the face and neck and can even damage the facial skin.

Most of the PMDC emergency dental care specialists will keep open appointments for dental emergencies like these, so under no circumstance, you should hesitate to call your PMDC emergency care dentist and seek the emergency help.

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