Reducing Swelling After Cosmetic Surgery

Swelling is an annoying and often painful result of having cosmetic surgery. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help reduce the amount of swelling you experience after having surgery performed at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic.

the area where the swelling is occurring is generally one of the most effective ways at reducing the swelling. While the time that you apply an ice pack to the tends to be different, generally icing the area several times throughout the day can really help at getting the swelling to go down. In some cases, you may even put an ice pack on the area several times within just a couple of hours. Generally, icing areas that are swelling usually have two major benefits: Reducing the amount of pain you feel in the area and helping speed the swelling going away. The downside is that you usually have to either sit down or lie down while icing the area in order to get the maximum benefit from icing.

While it is generally good to get up and do some limited activity during your recovery period, you don't want to do too much, as that can cause swelling to worsen. Taking the time to rest and let your body heal can help in reducing swelling as your body is getting the opportunity to heal without any pressure being put on it. This is especially true during the first few days after the surgery. So while getting up and doing some limited activity can help promote blood flow and healing, you don't want to do too much, especially if you are dealing with swelling. Limit yourself to around 10 minutes of action in an hour for the first few days, and then you can gradually increase that as your swelling goes away.

Keeping the area where swelling is occurring elevated can also help with reducing the swelling. This can help prevent fluids in your body from gathering in the area, which will help lower the amount of swelling occurring. For example, if you have facial swelling, try to sit up if you are in bed, and use two to three pillows to rest your head on while you sleep. If you have to swell in one of your legs, try to rest it on a stool while sitting to help keep it elevated. Anything you can do to keep the area where swelling is occurring elevated can help.