Liposuction Risks, Benefits and Recovery Time – Everything at a Glance

With over 300,000 operations done every year in the US and millions more across the world, ‘lipo’ or liposuction is, by far, the most common cosmetic procedure today. Many go for it, knowing how effective it is in breaking up fats while saving one the hassle of hitting the gym, dieting all those other drills. 

Basically, it is a dermatologic procedure that involves ‘improving’ a person’s belly, hips, buttocks, arms, thighs, or face. The surgeon identifies and removes all the dead fats, leaving the patient looking better and weighing a bit less than before. 

Owing to its effectiveness in weight loss, lipoplasty isn’t just popular in America. Liposuction in Thailand is equally sought after with clients from the world over flying in majorly because of how comparatively affordable Thai cosmetic surgery clinics are. 

But even as the procedure is ‘hot’ right now, there are a couple of things anyone wishing to undergo it ought to know. Let’s check them out:

Risks and Benefits

Liposuction is universally known as a cosmetic procedure. Of course, removing all the fat makes a person look lean, cute and perhaps fit. But it is also a great way of treating several conditions, including chronic, long-term Lymphedema, Gynecomastia in men, and Lipomas. 

Though it can be done in multiple techniques, liposuction is a procedure that only requires a few hours and general anesthesia. But like any surgical procedure, liposuction isn’t without risks. Bleeding and reaction to anaesthesia (Lidocaine toxicity) aren’t the only ones too, with possible complications being:

•    Contour irregularities whereby the skin becomes bumpy, wavy and withered as a result of poor far removal. 

•    Fluid (seromas) accumulating under the skin. 

•    Permanent numbness in the operated area. 

•    Fat embolism – when tiny pieces of fat flow with the blood and end up at the lungs or in the brain, often resulting in further complications. 

•    Kidney and heart problems due to poor lipo procedures. 

Recovery Time

This is perhaps one of the things you ought to know before going under the knife. Your surgeon should tell you all the risks and benefits, how to get prepared and the estimated recovery time. 

Normally, recovery time varies, largely depending upon the outcome and the kind of liposuction procedure performed on you. Everything on recovery will depend on what the surgeon says, the kind of medication taken, what you wear, stitches and how you take care of the area operated on. 

You may return to work after several days or wait a bit longer until the swelling subsides. Make sure to consult your surgeon. 

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